What are the Cinema HD Alternative for Android?

Are Cinema HD’s servers down? In this article, we’ve compiled some of the best Cinema HD alternative apps for watching free movies and TV shows. The apps are compatible with all FireStick and Android devices.

In terms of free streaming TV shows and movies, Cinema HD pretty much reigns supreme. Like any other app, this one also has streaming issues. Some of these problems include Cinema Buffering, no connectivity, video and server unavailability, and Cinema HD not working.

If you would like to install some of the best Cinema HD replacement apps, we’ve compiled a list for you.

10 Best Cinema Hd Alternative for Android

Find out the list of the best alternatives to cinema HD for android phone 2022 below. 

Cinema HD Alternative

Rokkr APK

Rokkr APK, a comparatively new app in the market, has all you need for your next streaming session. In addition to free movies and shows, you can also watch live TV channels from all over the world.

Rokkr APK

The app’s interface is simple, and content is organized into categories for ease of use.


TeaTV: Cinema Hd Alternative

TeaTV is a wonderful app for streaming online video content. There is a vast library on the site. One of the things I like about this app is that it offers superb Full HD quality videos. Additionally, it frequently updates the content library to ensure we don’t miss any new releases.

Filmplus APK

Another app on the list is Filmplus APK, which offers tons of classic and latest movies. There is no subscription or registration required for Filmplus content; the app is free.

Filmplus APK

With Filmplus, you can view any of your favorite movies in HD quality and without any annoying advertisements. The app interface is also simple and clutter-free.


The most trustworthy streaming application available is Kodi. Due to its open-source technology, Kodi has literally thousands of add-ons.


If you are having trouble with one add-on, you can simply try another until you find one that works for you.

OneBox HD

The OneBox HD app has been available for a long time. The remote-friendly app makes navigation effortless. There is a vast library of shows and movies to choose from.

OneBox HD: Cinema Hd Alternative

There is a USP of this app that retrieves the streaming links more quickly than its competitors. It doesn’t take up a lot of space on your device and loads content quickly. It works on Fire Sticks, Android phones, Android TVs, Amazon Kindles, and Nvidia Shield TVs.

Cyberflix TV

Cyberflix TV

A great Cinema HD alternative is always Cyberflix TV. Cyberflix TV has a somewhat similar interface to Cinema HD. It is very easy to use on various devices. Download the alternative to the cinema hd app easily on Firesticks, Android phones, and tablets.

CatMouse APK

CatMouse APK

CatMouse APK should also be on that list of great Cinema HD apps.

Sadly, CatMouse APK is a poorly installed application that most people are unaware of. We are both fortunate to know about the app.

Moviebox PRO

With Moviebox Pro, you can watch and download on-demand movie titles and TV shows. Like Cinema HD, Moviebox Pro does not allow access to unregistered users, at least one needs a Google email address.

Moviebox PRO: Cinema Hd Alternative

You will, however, receive some of the best titles ever. I love the user interface of the app. By analyzing user’s intentions, search history, interests, and watched data, it provides content recommendations.


There is only one app to rule all the best alternatives to cinema HD for android phones 2022: Syncler!

Both Syncler and Cinema HD APK have various similarities. Their method of operation, however, is completely different.


Syncler works with provider packages, debris services, and Trakt. There are third-party packages on Syncler that scrape links to movies and TV shows that you enjoy. If you own a paid debrid account, you can connect it and enjoy premium links.


An ad-supported streaming APK called Tubi has gained a lot of popularity among cord-cutters. As a result, it makes a good alternative to Cinema APK.


Tube offers not only Free Movies and TV Shows, but also Live Content.

The Tubi app can be downloaded on any device, or the Tubi TV Kodi Addon can be used to access this service within Kodi.

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The Final Verdict

We hope that you guys have found this guidance practical. Various alternatives are available in the market, Yet the best piece of cake is always a Perfect option for the Perfect Users. Similarly, choosing the compatible option is the obligation of the audience. So, with enough content for your choice, we are wrapping up our task here in the hope of kind appreciation in return. Happy to hear back from you!

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