TDS Developers Resource Guide! As well as free candy…

For starters,

Here at The Droid Sector we feel that community is the most important aspect of Android and well how couldn’t it be? I mean really, imagine a world without the likes of Cyanogen, Koush, CVPCS, Peter Alfonso, ChevyNO1, INSANEIVIESIS, Bekit, P3Droid, Liquid, Haxzamatic, Slayher, and that’s just to name a tiny fraction of all of you hardworking Devs out there most of which a lot of people don’t know even about, and that needs to change! No Dev should go unrewarded, unnamed, unappreciated… which is exactly why TDS has decided to focus more on the community rather then news, while still keeping you updated on the important stuff.

So we’ve decided to focus on ALL of you guys, big, small, tall, short, or fat we really don’t care where you stand in the world of Android we think you should all be equals and we’re going to do our best to give you that opportunity. So TDS is going to be throwing around a Developers Resource packet to any Developers who are willing to host their ROMS on our site and offer you quite a few perks and benefits to go along with that hosting… you know something like… money?

Now I could continue to go on discussing the TDS Developers Resource packet but really that would defeat the purpose of said packet, if you’re a developer and you’re interested in the TDS Developers Packet visit this Link.

“You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You are the same decaying organic matter as everything else.”