Best Tricks to get more Stardust in Pokemon Go

The much popular and recently launched app Pokemon Go has taken the gaming world on fire with its new and exciting features. The Pokemon Go for PC and smart phones has unfolded new dimensions of mobile gaming where players can travel and walk around in reality to grab their favorite Pokemons. The Pokemon Go APK Download helps you get the game on your phone and get started with this amazing experience of Pokemon journey.

The primary aim of the game is to catch the maximum number of Pokemons. The player gets warded with candies for every Pokemon he bags on his way. To strengthen and evolve the player must grab a Stardust and Candy. This strength gained helps to win over battles and seize territories for your team. However, bagging rewards like Stardust and candies is not an easy task and is the main challenge of this exciting game.


Tips and Tricks to get Stardust and Candies

A wild Pokemon always helps to secure a Stardust and candy which is essential to evolve as the Pokemon of your choice. The player must carry both Stardust and candy to get stronger and powered up.

Stardust is universal and hence can be used on all Pokemons but candy is Pokemon specific which makes the game more challenging. The main tricks to collected stardust and candies are briefed below.

  1. Once the player has quite a few numbers of Pokemons he is ensured with bagful of candies and Stardusts. This will help the player to have a high CP Pokemon and apply the lucky egg for XP bonus. It is also important to retain a low CP Pokemon for long until the player grabs a higher CP Pokemon since the player can perform 2 evolutions to get better results.
  2. After collecting a bagful of Pokemons, the picture of having Stardusts becomes essential. The player must look around in his area and place the Pokemons in your friendly gyms. The areas are termed as friendly gyms. This will help the player to gain Stardusts from this area and also collect Pokecoins.
  3. Thus the easier way to collect Stardust is by bagging maximum number of Pokemons which eventually increase your candies. These candies and Pokemons collected help to increase the Stardusts on a daily basis. You can also bag Stardusts by hatching your eggs. But it is important to keep and active lucky egg during the hatching process so that you can double your XP bonus.

The Final Advice

If the player aims for weaker areas and catches more Pokemons he can get away with Stardusts at the earliest. You can find Pokemons by dropping lures and if you catch about 1 Pokemon a minute it is indeed effective to accumulate 3000 stardust in an hour with just 100 Pokemons. So grab the fun and collect more and more Pokemons or hatch eggs in the wild and increase your Stardusts to cherish the awesomeness of Pokemon Go!